January 3, 2013

Get In the Van - Episode Follow-up!

Yes!! I'm totally gonna do this!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

The intro scene sounded very much classical. BFDIA started to seem a lot more classical and instrumental with their music. I almost thought it was going to be a musical!

Welcome back to the ugly faces.

And Leafy's back! Finally some word from her after we left her at Yoyleland! I know how you feel Leafy, coming all the way here but yet not being welcomed properly.

"Onion?" She'll make her own food (as in photosynthesis) once she turns back to a real leaf.

Oh. So behave like nyan cats. Nyan cats must be distressed as well.

Finally! Ice Cube said something other than the usual words.
I still have no clue whether this voice is the new VA or Cary. Ice Cube does frighten Pin.

Firey does not recognize Leafy? Then how does Pin and Bubble recognize her?

Pity Puffball without Limbs. But she could still fly.

Poor Pin. If taking limbs out like that is easy, putting it back will too.

"You are no MATCH for the MATCH!"

Who wouldn't have known? They're so smart.

Tree is not in BFDIA as well though.

I should hire Pencil too stuff things into my car.

Golf ball looks SO EPIC from this perspective.

Poor Ruby, go eat some other fruits.

Gelatin wins the best face for this episode, that includes the one where he said "DO THIS LOOK HAPPY TO YOU?"

Best Van I've seen!

So, I've waited 2 minutes for something to happen...
Nope. Just a fade out before the end.

At least the good thing is that this is the first two-parter since BFDI Episode 1. It adds ANTICIPATION and SELF-PRESERVATION.
The episode is a good one.
Mostly BFDI is now following the guidelines for a good object show.

Go! FreeSmart!

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